Note: This feature is currently for Growth and Enterprise users only and only for app versions 2.5.020 and above. Make sure you and your staff installs the correct version from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). 

IMPORTANT: To use this feature, you have to make sure that your have enabled location tracking for your staff and that they have optimized their device for location tracking.

First of all, this feature has to be enabled per job, so you can choose which open jobs can be automatically started or ended. To do this, perform the following actions:

Tap on > Jobs

Tap on which job you want geofencing enabled by clicking on the job to view the job detail

On the job detail screen, make sure you have these settings:

  1. Address: Make sure your job has an address saved. To add or edit an address, click on 'edit'.
  2. Allow Auto Clock-In/Out via Geofencing: Enabled
  3. Status: Open

This is all that’s required from your end as an admin.

If you are using the web version it will look like this:

How it works:

This feature is automatically enabled once your staff has clocked-in from their device, and turns off when they clock out. For best results, the staff's device should be online as much as possible, and that the SINC app is open or in the background. 

A job shift is automatically started when your staff enters is at most 200 meters near the job site, and the job shift is automatically ended when your staff leaves the 200-meter area surrounding the job site.

Every time the staff's job shift is started or ended via this feature, a notification will appear on the staff's device, like the image below. Make sure your staff has also allowed notifications for the SINC app for these to show. 

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