Step By Step Guide:

This feature is off by default to save battery power so it must be enabled manually and permissions granted.

The first step is to navigate to each staff member's settings:

Staff > STAFF MEMBER'S NAME > Settings > Enable Location Tracking

Toggle the switch to on to enable tracking.

This is all that’s required from your end, however there is an additional step needed from the employee’s end, and that is to grant Sinc the permissions it needs to record their locations.

This is probably something that should be discussed prior to setting it up on SINC as it can look intrusive without first explaining how it will benefit the operations of the company.

Once tracking has been enabled from your end, the next time the employee goes to clock in they will be asked to give SINC the permissions it needs to record their location data.

**Staff should have Wifi enabled, as this allows the phone to get its location more accurately and effectively**

Keep in mind: Most issues you'll have recording locations will be due to permissions being denied by the employees (20% of employees do this), withdrawn on iOS after a warning message is shown to employees with continued use (see below), or for Android the phone's device wide location settings being on the wrong setting (see below), or killing our background tracking process to save battery.

Android Specific Info:

Android phones have device-wide location settings that strongly impact how effectively we can access your employees' locations.

We recommend either the settings 'High Accuracy' (best), or if necessary, 'Battery Saving' (not as effective or accurate).

The one setting you must absolutely not use is 'Device Only'. This setting will only work when the phone's GPS works (which it rarely does), and has no other backup methods such as using wireless points or cellphone towers for getting the location.

Go to 'Settings', and choose 'Location'

Tap on 'Mode'

Set to 'High Accuracy'

Another Android specific issue is that the phone itself can shut down our tracking process to save battery. This isn't something we have much control over unfortunately. To minimise the chance of this, staff can have the app open in the background rather than completely closing it.

iOS Specific Info:

It’s important to understand what it will mean if the employee decides to give Sinc the permissions of either ‘Always’ or just ‘When In Use’.

If the employee gives Sinc ‘Always’ location permission, we’ll be able to record their locations throughout the time they are clocked in on a shift. This is the best setting for effectively tracking their shift and activities.

If they only give Sinc ‘When In Use’ location permissions, we are only able to record their locations at the time of clocking in and clocking out.

It is important to let your staff know that if they select always, they do not need to worry about you tracking their movements while they are off the clock. We only pull location data while someone is clocked in.

Employees will also receive a screen at some point saying 'Sinc has been using your location in the background.' With an option to continue or go to settings. It's important that they let it continue at this point.

This is why we suggest talking to staff prior to implementing location tracking into your day to day operations, to help ensure they give you the permissions needed to effectively use the location tracking feature.

Once the permissions have been granted on the employee end, future shifts should now include the location data.

Thanks for reading this tutorial and we hope you enjoy using SINC.

  • The SINC Team
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