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Adding Shifts to Your Employee Schedules
Adding Shifts to Your Employee Schedules

In this tutorial we show you how to add shifts to your employee schedules

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Before adding a shift, it's important to review what a Scheduled Shift is, and what it isn't.

• A Scheduled Shift is a way to let an employee know when they're working and what they will be doing that shift.

• It IS NOT by itself a Shift that will be recorded against their hours for the pay period. Shifts and their hours are only recorded when an employee clocks in or out in the usual way.

Keep In Mind: If an admin adds a time off period for an employee, admins will not be allowed to schedule a shift for them during the time off period.

On Web:

Add a shift by clicking the circular plus icon for the employee and day you want to add a shift for.

Choose the appropriate start and end times for the shift. These can be edited later.

You can add any important notes you'd like to add here as well. These can always be added or removed later.

Click 'Add Shift' to confirm.

You can now see the added shift on the schedule.

The yellow circle on the corner indicates that this shift has two notes.

Multiple Shifts can be scheduled on the same day, for example for an employee that works a morning and afternoon shift.

These additional shifts have to be more than 15 minutes apart, or you will get an error trying to add them.

You can also use the "Add Predefined Template" button to assign a predefined schedule templates to an employee in an instant.

If the schedule has been published, the employee will receive a notification about a shift being added on that day. They can then view the details in their App.

On Mobile:

Tap on 'plus' icon.

Select the time and tap on 'next' button.

Add Notes if necessary and tap on 'next' button.

Tap on 'Submit' button to add the scheduled shift.

You can now see the added shift on the schedule.

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