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Can I submit a timesheet to both MYOB AccountRight Live and New Essentials?

Yes, the MYOB integration works with both MYOB AccountRight Live and New Essentials.

Which countries are supported by MYOB Payroll in SINC?
MYOB Payroll is currently available for Australian businesses only.

What if I link the wrong MYOB Employee with the SINC Employee?
From the list in Staff Setup, you can unlink the employee by clicking on the Unlink button.

How many times can I submit a timesheet to MYOB Payroll?
You can submit only one timesheet for an employee under a specific pay period. If you have submitted the wrong timesheets by any chance, you will have to edit the submitted timesheets from your MYOB organization.

Why is the submit timesheets tab disabled under MYOB Payroll in SINC ?
The submit timesheets tab remains disabled until one MYOB employee is linked to their corresponding SINC Staff.

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