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Chat: Getting Started
Chat: Getting Started

This article shows what the chat feature does for the users.

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When Messenger is opened, a user will see the default chat rooms available to them.

Types of Chat Rooms:

  • Everyone: This room allows all the staff to communicate.

  • Admins: This room allows only the owner and admins to communicate.

  • One to One: This room can be manually created by any user to communicate with another.

The messages in the rooms can be view seen by the participants of that room only.

For admins, the default chat rooms available are 'Everyone' and 'Admins'.
For employees, the only default chat room available is 'Everyone'.

Other than the above, the chat feature allows the read receipts for the messages to be seen as well, whether it is for the default rooms or one to one rooms. Moreover, if a user or multiple users are typing at the same time, the typing status can be seen as well.

On the mobile app, the users can access the chat feature by selecting 'Messenger' from the menu.

On the web, the users can click on the menu option 'Messenger' to access chat.

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