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Overtime Calculations: California Rules
Overtime Calculations: California Rules

To start calculating overtime using California Rules inside of SINC, there are some settings you need to change. This guides shows you how.

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Tap on > Settings

Tap on > Organization

Tap on > Overtime

First you need to select the overtime week start day which determines the overtime work week. Overtime work week is a period of seven days starting from the overtime week start day, i.e., for overtime week start day of Monday, the overtime work week runs from Monday to Sunday.

Tap on > Edit next to Choose Your Overtime Week Start Day

Tap on > The day you want as Overtime Week Start Day

Toggle on > Use California Rules

Once Overtime Week Start Day is set and Use California Rules is toggled on, Gross Pay on Overview and Employee Summaries is calculated and displayed with Overtime (Overtime is calculated for clocked out shifts, open shifts' gross pay don't include overtime calculations).

Details of the overtime calculations are displayed on the Exported Pay Period Summaries.

If you are using the web version it will look like this:

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