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Jobs: Employee Walkthrough
Jobs: Employee Walkthrough
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This is a walk through showing the jobs work flow for an employee

Tap on > Clock In

Slide the button right to confirm clock in

Tap on > Start Job

Here you see a searchable list of available jobs. Select the correct job name.

Now, to start working on a cost code, tap on > Add (next to "Code: Unassigned")

Here you will see a list of all cost codes the admin has made available for this job. Select the one that applies

Then, once you finish working on that code and want to change to another one, simply tap on > Edit ( next to Code:)

And select the appropriate code from the list

To begin a break, tap on > Begin Break

Select the break that you qualify for based on the amount of time worked this shift

To end the break, tap on > End Break

You will be asked if you would like to resume working on the job that you were working on prior to taking the break or start another job

To see the job details, tap on > the arrow next to "On Job"

To get quick directions to your job, tap on > Map

To see a list of tasks related to the job, tap on > Tasks

Here you will see a list of tasks for this job. To see the task descriptions, tap on > Task Name

You can mark a task as complete by tapping on the box next to the task

To add a note to the job, tap on > notes

Here you will see a list of all notes related to the job. To add a new one, tap on > +Add Note

Here, you can enter a description take a photo to attach to the note or selected an image from your photo library on your device.

When your shift is finished and you want to clock out, tap on > Clock Out

Slide the button right to confirm clock out

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