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Jobs: On the fly jobs
Jobs: On the fly jobs
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The goal of the current guide is to describe steps when an employee needs to start a job that has not been added to the list by an administrator of the account. Employees can use the option ‘On-the-fly job’ in order to have an initial report of activities and notes that will eventually be assigned to an official job created by an administrator.

Step 1: As an employee, go to > Begin Job

When the job is not available on the searchable list, tap on > the purple button on the bottom left of the screen

Give the on-the-fly job a name that is going to help an admin reconcile it correctly later and tap on > + Create Job

Now you can see you are working on your on-the-fly job

As an admin, when an employee creates an on-the-fly job, a notification will show on your jobs tab showing you that you have an unreconciled job in the system. To access it, click on > Jobs

Click on > Reconcile  On-the-fly Jobs

Click on > the drop down list next to the job you want to reconcile and . select the correct job name

Click on > OK to confirm the reconciled job

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