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Jobs: Cost codes
Jobs: Cost codes
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Cost codes are an important part of any successful job costing system. They allow you to track not only what job your employee was working on that shift, but what tasks within that job.

To get started:

Tap on > Menu > Settings

Tap on > Organization

Toggle on > Use Cost Codes

Now let's add a cost code! From the overview screen, tap on > Cost Codes

Tap on > List

Tap on > The + button down the bottom right

From here you have two options. The first is to just add your own custom cost code by adding a code name and optional description.

The other option is to select from our Preloaded CSI Master Format™ Cost-Codes For Industry Standard Construction Accounting

If you want to limit codes your team can choose from, you can create cost codes groups. The get to make your first group, tap on > groups.

Tap on > The + button down the bottom right

Give the group a name and a description and tap on > Add Code Group

Then, to add codes to the group tap on > Codes

Tap on > The + button down the bottom right

Select a code

Now, go ahead and add that code group to a job by tapping on > Jobs

Tap on > List

Then The job you want to add the code group to

Tap on > Cost Codes Groups

Tap on > Add Cost Code Group

Select the code group you just created

Now, when your staff are clocked into that job, the codes you added to that group will be available to select when your staff go to start a cost code

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