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How The Safety Hotline Works
How The Safety Hotline Works

The safety hotline allows employees in the field to report hazards and incidents from the field, direct to management. Here is how it works.

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Safety reports are usually made by employees from the field. The next two screenshots show how an employee would make a report.

*(an admin or owner can also make a safety report by tapping on > Menu > Safety > + Report Incident)

For an employee to make a report Tap on > Safety Hotline

Tap on > Notify Management to file the report

Here, you will need to select if this is an incident, near miss or new hazard.
Enter a description of the report
Add a photo if required

As an Owner or Admin, your safety hotline will not have a new report that you need to acknowledge

Tap on > Acknowledged to see a list of all acknowledged reports

Here you see the report we just acknowledged 

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