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Adding Break Rules For Employees
Adding Break Rules For Employees

In this guide we will cover how to add automatic break rules for your Organization and how time is calculated on SINC

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Tap on > Settings

Tap on > Organization

Tap on > Breaks

Here you can update the break type and add break rules.

You can update the break type to either:

  1. Prompt staff to confirm breaks they qualify for at the end of each shift.

  2. Allow staff to take the breaks during the shift (Recommended for Jobs).

    1. This option allows the breaks and jobs to be separated, and thus the total of job hours will always be only the hours spent on the job and not on any break.

You have the option to add up to three automatic break rules. Toggle the switch next to ‘First Break’ to enable it.

Change the name of the break by tapping on ‘First Break’, and update the name to something useful such as ‘Morning Coffee Break’.

Update the values of the break to suit:

  • ‘Break After’ refers to the period after which the employees will be entitled to this break

  • ‘Break Length’ sets a default break length that the employee will see when prompted to complete their break summary at the end of a shift. This is just a way to provide a useful default amount for employees to select, for example 15 minutes for a coffee break. It does not determine the actual length of the breaks the employees took, which must be confirmed by them each shift.

  • ‘Paid Amount’ refers to how much of the break the employee is entitled to be paid for. For a break that is unpaid, set the Paid Amount to 0 minutes.

If you navigate back to your Organization Page, you will see a summary of any breaks you added.

At the end of each shift, employees will be prompted to confirm any automatic breaks that they were entitled to (based on the length of their shift), For each break they can choose the default length (set above), no break, or a custom amount.

When viewing the Shift Details of a shift that contained Automatic Breaks, you will see information about the breaks: How long the breaks taken were, as well as how much paid break the employee was entitled to.

The payable ‘Total Time’ value is then calculated like so:

Actual Shift Length - Breaks Taken Length + Paid Breaks Length

Example 1: For an 8 hour shift, staff member takes 1 hour of breaks, 30 minutes of which are paid.

The final payable shift length would be 8 hours, minus 1 hour, plus half an hour: 7 hours and 30 minutes.

Example 2: For a 4 hour shift, staff member is entitled to a 15 min paid coffee break, but works through it and takes no breaks (note, this situation is only relevant where taking breaks isn’t required by law).

The final payable shift length would be 5 hours, minus 0 hours of breaks, plus 15 minutes: 5 hours and 15 minutes.

If your staff take unpredictable breaks every day, the most flexible way to handle this is to set one automatic break that qualifies after a short time (e.g 1 hour), and let the staff set the custom amount each shift.

If you are using the web version it will look like this:

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