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Publishing The Staff Schedule
Publishing The Staff Schedule

This tutorial shows you how to publish a staff schedule

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It's important to understand the difference between a Draft and Published Schedule.

• A Schedule begins as a Draft. In this state, shifts can be added, deleted or modified and the Employee isn't notified.

• If an Employee goes to view a Draft Schedule in their App, they will be shown a notification that the Schedule hasn't been published yet.

• Once a Schedule is Published, employees can view their scheduled shifts in their 'My Schedule' area of their App.

• Employees will be notified of any modifications to their shifts in a Published Schedule, e.g changing, deleting or adding new shifts.

On Web:

Publish a Draft Schedule by clicking the 'Publish' button and confirming the pop up.

On Mobile:

Publish a Draft Schedule by clicking the 'Publish' button.

When you publish the Schedule, employees will be notified that they can view it in their app.

If any scheduled jobs or notes are added to the shift, the employee can view those as well by clicking on expanding header for either notes or scheduled jobs.

The Employee can now view the published Schedule in the 'My Schedule' section of their SINC App.

Any notes added for the shift are also quickly visible to them from their Schedule view.

Once a Schedule is Published, employees will be notified of any changes to their shifts within that Schedule.

This includes adding, deleting, modifying or adding notes to a shift.

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