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The Lifecycle of Shift Notes
The Lifecycle of Shift Notes

Notes are a powerful tool in SINC and this tutorial explains exactly how they work..

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In this guide we show you how to make the most of the powerful notes function inside of SINC Notes can be either added to a shift by an employee, an admin, or generated automatically if something important about a shift is changed.

If your employee wants to add a note to their current shift they simply tap on add a note, input the details of the note in the text field and if they want, add an image.

Note, they may have to initially give Sinc the permissions it needs to access his photos and camera, in order to add photos to notes. They will be asked to do so at the time.

I the admin taps on the arrow next to the note and they are taken to the shift details relating to this note.

The notes work in the same way as the shifts do. you can filter them by pay period and also by either all employees or one particular employee.

If you tap on the Gear Icon and change your selection from All Employees to one particular employee, the only notes that will show are the ones relating to your selection. If you want to see notes for your whole organization, simply switch back to “All Employees”

At the end of a pay period, you can go ahead and generate a report from inside The Gear Icon on your Admin Area. This report is not just useful for payroll purposes. You will see next to each individual shift, we have the details of any notes associated with that particular shift. Images are given a short link and if you follow the link, you will be taken to a copy of the image where you can then download it if you wish.

There is also a notes tab inside the report showing every note that was left or generated for every employee during this pay period.

Thanks for reading this tutorial and we hope you enjoy using SINC.

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