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My Employee Did Not Receive Their Invite
My Employee Did Not Receive Their Invite

Sometimes an employee will not receive their invite. Here is what to do in that case

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The first thing to do is check that there is a pending invite for this employee. Check that the email or phone number are correct and if there is a typo, cancel the invite and send it again.

On Mobile

  • Select your employee

  • If you emailed the invite, have the employee do a search inside their email for "SINC" as this often finds the missing invite

  • If none of the above works, have the employee download "sinc time clock" from either the App Store or Play Store and Tap on > Sign Up

  • Have them complete the sign up form and make sure to keep note of the email and password

  • If they get to this screen, STOP. Send an email to explaining that the employee did not receive their invite and you followed the steps in this guide. Include the email address the employee used and our support team will manually add them to your organization.


On web

  • On the web version it would look like this:

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