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How to Add a Missing Shift
How to Add a Missing Shift

This guide will cover how an Admin can add a shift for a staff member or themselves in SINC.

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Sometimes you will need to manually add a staff timesheet. To do this, follow these steps:
Navigate to Menu > Overview and tap on > Shifts

Tap on > the + button down the bottom right of the screen

Select the employee you want to add a timesheet for and tap on Confirm

Follow the wizard to add the dates and times of the missing shift

Note: Default date and time will be already selected based on the latest shift of the employee.

If an employee is already on shift and didn't clock out yet then toggle on 'Employee Is Currently On Shift'. With this toggled on you will need to only select the Shift's Start Time.

Add any breaks they were eligible for:

  • Based on organization's break settings default time will be preselected:

    • If the employee didn't take the respective break, tap on the "No Break" button
      For mobile screenshots we use tap.

    • To change the break start time tap on the time picker

    • To change break duration tap on the duration button (rightmost)

Review the missing shift's details and tap on > Confirm

If you are using the web version it will look like this:

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