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Exporting Pay Period Summaries
Exporting Pay Period Summaries

In this guide we will describe how to export current and previous pay period summaries

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When you generate a pay period summary report, you will be emailed an excel spreadsheet containing a full summary of the pay period along with individual employee summaries you can print and give to your staff. It is important to note that in these pdf reports the hours are displayed in hours and minutes (e.g 6:45) versus total decimal hours (e.g 6.75)

At the end of your pay period, once all of your time sheets are collected you can generate a pay period report that we will email to the email address on you account.
This email will contain two attachments. An excel sheet that includes all the data from that pay period and PDF summaries that you can distribute to your team.

The excel file contains multiple tabs:

A summary of the total hours worked 

A separate tab for each employee containing the data associate with their shifts

And a note tab containing all the notes from that period

And the PDF reports are simply a summary of the hours worked by each employee for their records

To generate a pay period summary:
Tap on > The Gear Icon
*(Web Version) Do nothing at this stage

Tap on > Date Selector

Tap on > The Date Range You Want The Report To Include

Tap on > Download Period Summary

We will now email you the summary to the email associated with your account. To update this email please go to menu > settings 

If you are using the web version it will look like this:

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