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Submit Timesheets To Gusto
Submit Timesheets To Gusto

This article relates to submitting timesheets from SINC to Gusto

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This section will present the last scenario in order to submit the employee's payroll timesheets to your Gusto organization.

On Web:

Navigate to Menu > Payroll > Submit Timesheets

Note that Overtime must be enabled in SINC to pass hours with overtime to Gusto, otherwise the hours will default to regular hours.

In case overtime is not enabled, Click on > Go To Overtime Settings

Click on > Select Gusto Pay Period

Click on > Select Gusto Employee

You can also choose 'All Employees' if more than one employee exists under the selected pay period or select a specific employee.

If the shifts exist for the selected employee(s), it would be shown as depicted on the following screen. You can now click on Submit Timesheets button to submit timesheets to your Gusto organization.

If the selected employee(s) has an open shift, it would be shown as depicted on the following screen. You can click on this shift and choose to force clock it out

If there are no shifts added for the selected employee, an error message will be displayed. In this case, you have to go to Add Missing Shift which is in the left pane, and add the required shifts for the specific employee in that Pay Period.

Keep in mind: Hours for a single shift can be submitted only once. If new shifts are added after the previous submission then they can be submitted for unprocessed payrolls. However, shifts edited after submission can't be submitted from SINC.
If you wish to edit a submitted timesheet then you will have to update the Regular Hours/Overtime Hours under that particular pay period of that employee from the Gusto organization.

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