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How to link SINC data to Gusto data
How to link SINC data to Gusto data

This article relates to linking SINC data with Gusto data.

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Once authorized with Gusto, you may have to link your SINC employees with their identities on the Gusto organization. For each member of your SINC staff (on the left side), you should select the correct Gusto staff member from the drop-down menu (on the right side) in order to link them. The Submit Timesheets tab will be disabled in the beginning if no employee has been linked yet.

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Upon successful authorization with Gusto, on the Staff Setup tab, the employees that exist on both SINC and Gusto get automatically linked for you.

In order to manually link an employee, Click on > Select Employee dropdown box in order to select the correct Gusto employee (on the right side of the screen) that is to be linked with the SINC employee (on the left side of the screen).

Only if the employee has multiple jobs, Click on >Select Job, to choose the job that their SINC hours should be submitted to from the dropdown.

You can also unlink a staff if they have been incorrectly associated.

In case a gusto employee does not exist in SINC, Click on >Invite to add them

Upon linking at least one employee, you will be able to submit timesheets for that employee by navigating to the submit timesheets by clicking on Go To Submit Timesheets button on the top right or click on the Submit Timesheets tab directly.

As far as pulling the latest details from gusto is concerned, you can do so by clicking on the icon near Last sync as shown below.

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