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How to connect to Gusto?
How to connect to Gusto?

This article relates to authorizing SINC to access Gusto

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For starters, SINC is a workforce management system for small business owners in the construction fields. We help them decrease the amount of time spent managing their business and help them increase their bottom line through accurate timesheets and increased accountability.

Our users are able to handle the most common headaches business owners face such as timekeeping, staff scheduling, job costing project management, and effective company communication.

Furthermore, SINC provides submission of staff timesheets to your Gusto. When you start using the powerful combination of SINC and Gusto in your business, you heavily reduce the admin burden of gathering payroll data allowing you to spend your time on other aspects of your business. All of this employee data is then easily sent to Gusto for processing.

To connect with Gusto, follow the link to guides you wish to know more about.

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