Sometimes you will need to manually add a job shift. To do this, follow these steps:

Navigate to Menu > Overview and tap on > Shifts

Tap on > The shift you would like to add a job shift to

Tap on > The "Jobs" tab

Tap on > The + button down the bottom right of the screen

Select Job and tap on > Confirm

If the Job doesn't exist. To add a new job, tap on > The + button down the bottom right of the screen

Default job time will be selected based on shift timing, to edit tap on > Time picker

The job shift didn't have a cost code

The job shift was one cost code the whole time

If multiple cost codes were were assigned to the job, tap on > The job consisted of multiple cost codes

To add more cost codes, tap on > Add Another Code

To adjust the time, slide pointer on slider

If job didn't have notes, tap on > next arrow, otherwise, enter the note.

To add an image (optional), tap on > Take Photo or Choose From Photos

To add another note, tap on > Add Another Note

Review the missing job's details and tap on > Confirm

If you are using the web version it will look like this:

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