In order to get started with MYOB Essentials Payroll, you need to have a MYOB New Essentials Account. If not, then you are required to SIGN UP for it. To learn more about MYOB Essentials, how much it costs, and then sign up, head to their MYOB Essentials website.

It is crucial for SINC that MYOB users meet the following requirements in their MYOB organization prior to authorization in order to have MYOB payroll services accessed.

Setup Requirements:

  1. You have Standard User or Administrator role.
  2. You have payroll set up with timesheets enabled under Payroll settings > General Payroll Information. This tab is accessed by clicking on your company name on the top-right.
  3. You have at least one employee under Employees > Payroll Details > Salary and wages whose:

- Pay Basis is set to Hourly.

- Pay Cycle is set to match your SINC pay period.

- Wage Pay Items are assigned.

Keep in mind: This step is mandatory as SINC cannot allow you to move ahead with MYOB if the above requirements are not met.

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