To start using cost codes on your jobs, first click on > Settings

Click on > Organization

Toggle on > Use Cost Codes

Then, click on > Libraries

Click on > Add Code

If you want to use your own custom cost codes, enter a code name and description

If you want to use industry standard cost codes that have been licenced to SINC, click on > Use Standard Code

Here, you can search through CSI MaterFormat 2018 and find the codes that apply to your company. 

To make cost coding easier for you and your staff, we allow you to create cost code groups that can be assigned to specific jobs. To do this, click on > Code Groups

Enter the name and description of the cost code group you want to create

Click on > the arrow next to the group you just created

Click on > Codes

Click on > . the "Add Code To Group" drop down menu

Select the code you want to add to the group from your list of previously added company cost codes

Now, to add the cost code group to a job, click on Jobs > Job Name > Add Code Group

Select the cost code group you want to add to the job

Now, let's take a look at how your employee's interact with jobs from their mobile app

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