To add your first task to a job, click on the name of the job from the jobs list

Click on > Tasks

To add a single task, enter the name of the task and click "Add Task"

You can now enter a description of the task if you want to add more details

The other way to add tasks to jobs is by creating task groups that you can then add to as many jobs as you like. To create your first task group, click on > Libraries 

Click on > Task Groups (Templates)

Click on > Add Task Group

Add a task group name

Enter the first task name of the group and if you want that task to have a description, enter one below

Click on > Add Task Group

Now you can see the task group has been added to your library

To add the group you just created to a job, click on Jobs> Job Name

Click on > Tasks

Click on > The Add . Task Group dropdown menu and select the task group you want to add to the job


Now we can see the task group has been added to the job and if you want to expand the group and see each individual task, click here

Now you can see each task in the group that was just added

Now, let's take a look at cost codes and the role they play with jobs

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