What if I link the wrong Xero data with the SINC data?
From the list on Linked data in their respective tabs, you can unlink the data by clicking on the unlink  button.

Why do I need to enable payroll every time I reset an organization or make a new organization?
Because Xero Organization requires their users to do so and SINC is not provided with the access to automate the payroll enablement. 

Which countries are supported by Xero Payroll in SINC?
Xero Payroll is currently available for United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australian businesses only.

How many times can I submit a timesheet to Xero Payroll?
You can submit only one timesheet for an employee under a specific pay period. If you have submitted the wrong timesheets by any chance, you will have to edit the submitted timesheets from the Xero Portal.

Why is the submit projects sheets tab disabled in Xero Projects?
The submit project sheets tab remains disabled until one Xero User , Project and Task is linked to their corresponding SINC Staff, Job and Cost Code.

What is the role of Unassigned Cost Code?
Unassigned is a special Cost Code for Jobs having no Cost Codes linked to them. Incase you want to submit project sheets for a job with no cost code, you may link a Xero Task to Unassigned cost code and proceed.

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