Why am I staring at the loading screen?
It's probably because you don’t have any employee(s) added in your Xero Organization.

Why do I need to enable payroll every time I reset an organization or make a new organization?
Because Xero Organization requires their users to do so and SINC is not provided with the access to automate the payroll enablement. 

How many times can I submit a timesheet?

You can submit only one timesheet for an employee under a specific pay period. If you have submitted the wrong timesheets by any chance, you will have to edit the submitted timesheets from the Xero Portal.

What if I link the wrong Xero employee with the SINC employee?

As of now, there is no option for unlinking the employees, you will have to erase your Xero data by selecting the delete Xero-related data checkbox from Xero Settings  and clicking on Unauthenticate Xero button. Note that you have to be careful when un-authentication process is underway because if the checkbox Delete Xero-related Data is selected, it would delete all the data that is stored in SINC permanently. Hence, there will be no alternative way to restore the deleted information.

Why is the submit timesheets tab disabled?
The submit timesheets tab is enabled once a Xero employee is linked with its SINC employee. If at least one employee is associated, then timesheets can be submitted for that employee. You can navigate to that tab by clicking on the Go to Submit Timesheets  button on the top in staff tab or by clicking on the Submit Timesheets  tab directly once its enabled.

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