This section will present the last scenario in order to submit the employee's payroll timesheets to the Xero portal as Draft. This screen can be accessed by clicking on Submit Timesheets tab.

Step By Step Guide:

The following screen is displayed when you navigate to  Submit Timesheets tab.

Select the Pay Period or Pay Schedule from the dropdown list which will filter the employees according to the pay period selected.

Select the employee from the dropdown list for whom the timesheet has to be submitted. You can also choose 'All Employees', if more than one employee exists for the same pay period.

Select the tracking option for your timesheet. This dropdown is only available if the tracking is enabled for timesheets in Xero.

If the shifts exists for the selected employee, it would be shown as depicted in the following screen. You can now click on  Submit Timesheets button to submit timesheets with Draft status in Xero portal.

The following  success message is displayed on the screen upon timesheet submission. You can submit more timesheets by clicking on Submit More Time Sheets  button.

If there are no shifts added for the selected employee, the following error message will be shown. In this case you have to go to
Add Missing Shift which is in the left pane, and add the required shifts for the specific employee in that Pay Schedule. 

Keep in mind: You cannot re-submit timesheets for the same pay period for the same employee. If the you wish to edit a timesheet then he will have to edit the submitted timesheet of that particular pay period of that employee from the Xero organization.

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