Once authorized with Xero, you will have to link your SINC employees with their identities on the Xero company. For each member of your SINC staff (on the left side), you should select the correct Xero staff member from the drop down menu (on the right side) in order to link them. The Submit Timesheets  tab will be disabled in the beginning if no employee has been linked yet.

Step By Step Guide:

Once the authentication process is a success, you will be shown the following screen.

Click on Select an employee  dropdown box in order to select the correct Xero employee (on the right side of the screen) that is to be linked with the SINC employee (on the left side of the screen).

Upon linking at least one employee, you will be able to submit timesheets for that employee by navigating to the submit timesheets by clicking on the
Go to Submit Timesheets  button on the top in staff tab or click on the Submit Timesheets  tab directly.

After all the employees are linked, you will be shown the list of Xero Staff. You can unlink the staff if have been incorrectly unassociated.

Keep in mind: You have to select the employees correctly in order to connect them. 

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