Data Flow Diagram

The following image shows how SINC interacts with Xero Payroll, what information or objects are transferred and in which direction exactly.

Prior to Setup Requirements

In order to get started with Xero Payroll, you need to have a Xero Account. If not, then you are required to SIGN UP for it.

It is crucial for SINC that Xero users have their payroll settings enabled prior to authorization in order to access Xero payroll services.

If the payroll settings have yet not been enabled, please follow the screenshots ahead as a walkthrough to Enable Xero Payroll.

Step By Step Guide:

Login to Xero.

Click on your Company Name in the top-left corner from the Xero dashboard. Click on Settings from the dropdown list.

Click on Payroll Settings  from the Features list displayed under Organization settings screen.

Notice that the Payroll Settings page looks like the screen. In case you see a different screen, navigate through the above steps once again.

Click on the Save  button lying in the bottom right of the screen in order to enable the Xero Payroll for your current organization.

Keep in mind: This step is mandatory as SINC cannot allow the you to move ahead with Xero features if Xero Payroll is not enabled. If you reset your Xero organization by any means, you have to re-enable the Payroll for that organization. Also make sure that you have SINC organization employees in your Xero Organization.

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