In this guide we are going to show you the different pay period options available in SINC and how to go about changing the pay period of an existing organization.

To access the pay period settings simply:

Tap on > Menu > Settings

Tap on > Organization

Tap on > Edit next to Pay Period Settings

The first pay period option is Weekly.

The only thing you need to select with a weekly pay period is the start day.

For a Start Day of Monday, each pay period will include all shift Clock-Ins from midnight Monday to 11:59pm the next Sunday,

The next pay period we are going to look at is Bi-Weekly.
How this pay period works is you select a start date and the pay period will begin at mid-night that day and repeat every two weeks.

It is important to note that if you are selecting a Bi- Weekly pay period that you select a start date that is prior to the first day you started using SINC.

The next pay period option available is Semi-Mothly.

Semi-Monthly pay periods can either start on the first or last day of a month, and repeat on a chosen mid-month date.

Once you make a selection, you will be asked for a first pay period start date

It is also important here to note that this date must fall before the first day you started using SINC, so that you can view all of your historical shift data.

Finally, we have the monthly pay period.

Monthly pay periods can either begin on the first of the month or on a certain date each month, for example the 15th.

If you select the first of the month, this is all we need and you can go ahead and confirm.

If you select a certain date each month you will need to select a start date

Tap on > Edit next to Date

Tap on > The date you prefer

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