This is due to the safety policies of our Google cloud database service. Basically if it detects a network that it thinks is too unstable it will refuse to connect. This can happen particularly with VPNs.

To solve this issue, try switching from wifi to your cellphone data or vice versa, and then closing and restarting Sinc. 

If that doesn't work, please try the following:

  • Delete SINC

  • Restart your phone (important)

  • Re-install SINC (you can search for 'sinc time clock' in App or Play Stores

If this does not solve the issue, reach out to the support team on live chat on our website

Please also remember that in an emergency you still have two other options for accessing your data:

  1. We have the web version available and all you need to do here is open using either Firefox or Chrome. Log in using the same credentials you do on the app and you can do everything you can on the app, inside the web version.

  2. If you have made any of your staff Admins then you can access you data through their device and even send pay period reports if you need to run payroll.

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